Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 1)

By justine

The boating world has its own language for certain. Taking the boat out of the water is 'hauling out', putting the boat on jack stands in a parking lot is considered 'on the hard', and storing your boat on land instead in the water is called 'dry storage'.

So, there we were in our chosen dry storage Port of San Carlos, Mexico.  We chose this location not only for its reputation as a good hurricane hole but also for its proximity to the United States.  Arizona lies just 5 hours north.  Proof of the ease of access was the presence of the Tucson Sailing Club right here in Mexico.

We arrived at the end of a lovely 5 week stretch on the water in the Sea of Cortes and began the project of preparing Rhythm to live on the hard in Mexico for the summer.  She has spent many a winter on the hard in Washington but that's a different beast.  For Northwesterners 'winterizing' your boat is no problem but preparing your boat for summering in the desert is very foreign territory. The marina, and several other cruisers, gave us a checklist of things to do.  Like any marina advice we took it with a grain of salt.  We read through the list and did what seemed logical and reasonable.  We skipped a bunch of stuff but learned a few things too.

bottom paint removal

adding the shade cover

With some hustle it would be reasonable to do the prep work in less than a week, but since we had 2 weeks we took our time.  We did some extra stuff like wash the sails, wax the hull, complete some varnishing. We did the regular stuff like bleach the tanks, put reflective shades in the windows and a big shade over the deck, got rid of ALL the food, removed the lines, and rinsed the sea water from the cooling system. We took some hot afternoons off and went for walks or for a dinghy ride.  We ate at restaurants and spent our last few days at an Airbnb.

All tucked in

We worked with Marina San Carlos and Star Marine and thought the process seemed secure and fairly organized.  When it was all done we drank Margaritas, BIG margaritas.  And just when temps in Mexico were getting hot, we jumped a bus for the United States. 

celebrating with margaritas