Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 2)

By justine

We returned to San Carlos, to Rhythm, in early December.  We were delayed returning because we were waiting for our French Polynesian Visa and our passports. So to speed the boat launching process, we contacted the dry storage facility and asked them to transport the boat to the work yard and begin the bottom paint job.  We had hoped to be there during the process but we also had a deadline of arrival in La Paz of January 1, and we wanted to enjoy some time on the water before.  Star Marine was able to finish the job just before our arrival.  Then John replaced a a seacock, tested the engine, and we launched.

holding up traffic

Rhythm survived the summer with only a few minor problems: an oil container cracked and spilled into the bilge, a port light cracked, and a few rubber things were worse for the wear (or the heat). Oh and a few cockroaches made their way aboard.  Apparently they thought they would squat in our home while we were away.  Thanks to our friends Peggy and Steve we were prepared with boric acid and roach bait.  So when we returned to our unwanted guests they were on their backs very dead.

We moved quickly unpacking and rerigged.  John drove the truck back to the US while I finished making our boat a home again and stocking the frig. The final step on the morning of departure was to top off the water tanks for our 2-3 weeks off the grid.  But when we turned the tap on the dock we discovered that we had no water.  This WAS NOT going to be the reason we couldn't leave to cross the Sea of Cortez today.  After all, conditions were nearly perfect for our 80 mile sail. So, we scurried to find a water supply truck.  The kind man used a hand cart to bring refillable water jugs down the dock on a hand cart, I loaded them on the boat, and John dumped directly into the tanks.  After numerous trips, we had the tanks full and the jugs empty for return.  And off we went!

Marina San Carlos