Its a Wrap-The West Coast of the US

By justine

3 months, 3 states, over 1500 nautical miles, 7 overnight passages, more whale sightings than we could count, and less showers than we'd like to admit.  Some days I wore a down jacket, hat, and gloves, and other days just a swimsuit. Its been quite the journey.



  • all the friends and family we have spent time with
  • sunsets at sea
  • almost seeing the solar eclipse off the coast of Newport, OR (it was cloudy)
  • biking around the town of Santa Cruz
  • rowing into Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island
  • having Santa Rosa Island all to ourselves
  • bioluminescence trailing schools of fish at night (in case you don't know, this is an iridescent algae)
  • unexpected left point break on Santa Cruz Island
  • being followed by a pod of Fin Whales near Point Reyes

Nightshift begins

Low points:

  • confused seas off the coast of Oregon
  • the 1 day of seasickness I had :(
  • trying to add Mexico to our boat insurance policy (do this well in advance so its not the reason you are staying in the US)
  • the San Diego Police dock experience
  • black flies (hundreds of them) at anchor near Point Reyes

Favorite stops:

  • Pillar Point (Half Moon Bay)
  • Morro Bay
  • The Channel Islands (it's all good, even when the anchorage are rolling)
  • Little Harbor, Catalina

Bathrobe rowing

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