La Paused

By justine

I recently overheard some sailors talking about getting "La Paused".  It didn't take me long to understand the reference.  They were talking about the phenomena of how people 'stall out' in La Paz...sometimes for a very long time.  Seasons pass, maybe years, and for some, even decades.

Rib Joint

Its understandable.  If you sail your boat here from the United States you've spent some time roughing along the way.  Then you round the Cape and arrive in La Paz where temperatures are warmer, people are kind, prices are cheap, and the islands are REALLY close by.  The living is easy!

Favorite coffee in La Paz

From the very beginning we planned a layover of a few months in La Paz (January and February).  We wanted a 'cruising' break, to have a city people could come visit, and a place with wifi so John could work and refill the cruising kitty. It's been great.  We've become 'regulars'  and are recognized at our favorite coffee shop, the farmers market, on the shuttle bus, at the laundromat, and even around the cruisers scene. We've improved our Spanish speaking skills and have learned a bit more about the community in Baja Sur.

But...here we are... in the second week of March all ready.  It's starting to feel like we've "La Paused".  So, this morning, its time to untie the dock lines and shove off again for more exploration.  See you on the backswing La Paz!