By justine

People say that “cruising is fixing your boat in exotic places”. 

 Whether your boat is new, or as old as Rhythm (1979), this statement is true. Being aware of this is a good place to start, but having a handy crew member is a must! And I am not that handy.

up the mast

small spaces

So, I never would have agreed to this lifestyle if it wasn’t for the fact that John is one of the handiest, most self-sufficient people I have ever met. I think he actually takes some sick pleasure in solving the mystery of repairs. He very often gets the attention of neighboring captains when he pulls odd looking parts out on the deck of our boat for inspection or maintenance.

dirty spaces

bottom paint removal

Being the less handy of the crew I do my best to play a supporting role. Sometimes that means handing tools into tight spaces, cleaning parts for reuse, roaming stores in foreign towns looking for parts, or just making cookies.

Boat yoga