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Posted on Aug 18

Long Stay Visa-Part 2

French Polynesia

After all the confusion that took place in Part 1 of our Long Stay Visa process, we didn't have high hopes for what was to come. Our original plan was the same as many cruisers, to make landfall in the windward islands of the Marquesas and then...

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Posted on Jul 21

Thoughts on the Tuamotus

Tuamotus and French Polynesia

If the Marquesas Islands are the land of plenty, then the Tuamotus are the land of none. That doesn't seem fair to say. There’s certainly more beauty in this place than some have ever witnessed, but…it has my braining spinning. Nothing seems to...

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Posted on Jun 21

The Marquesas-Part 3 Ua Poa

Marqueses and French Polynesia

We spent 5 nights at this lovely island, anchoring first in Hakahau Bay, the main village on the island, and then in Hakahetau Bay. The anchorage in Hakahau is small, about 8 boats could fit “comfortably” in the bay. With 8 sailboats...

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Posted on May 26

The Marquesas-Part 2 (Bays of Nuku Hiva)

Marqueses and French Polynesia


This place is magical! The entrance to the bay is through a narrow pass alongside steep cliffs. Once you're inside, the anchorage is calm and protected from the wind and the waves. 

From the nearby beach, we took a 5 hour hike...

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Posted on May 19

The Marquesas - Part 1

Marqueses and French Polynesia

It’s been 3 weeks since we dropped anchor in Taiohea Bay, Nuku Hiva. Our time here has been one of transition; from being a 3 person to a 2 person crew, from the busyness of our preparations in Mexico to the ease of the South Pacific, from ocean...