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Posted on Dec 07

Leaving San Diego

In mid November, we found ourselves in San Diego and ready to shove off for Mexico. One problem existed. Our current insurance carrier would not cover us in Mexico. We had been working towards changing our policy for several weeks. It turns out...

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Posted on Nov 13

Its a Wrap-The West Coast of the US

3 months, 3 states, over 1500 nautical miles, 7 overnight passages, more whale sightings than we could count, and less showers than we'd like to admit.  Some days I wore a down jacket, hat, and gloves, and other days just a swimsuit. Its been...

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Posted on Nov 01

Slowing Down

I realize that we haven't been exactly flying down the west coast, but once we hit Southern California things really slowed down.  Two reasons. First, the weather, for the most part, got warmer. Second, we arrived in the Channel Islands....

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Posted on Sep 30

What to Expect

Prior to departure I did a lot of research, and by that I mean I read a lot of sailing blogs. I thought it would be wise to know what to expect in the life of a cruiser.  By the way, that's what they call this lifestyle of living and...

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Posted on Aug 28

Even the beautiful days have their challenges

We pulled out of Newport Marina under sunny skies, calm seas, and light winds. We threw up the spinnaker (the large colorful sail, used in lighter, downwind conditions) and settled in for a relaxing day on the water. From below deck, I heard John...