S/V Rhythm Circumnavigates

Vancouver Island

August 2016

Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island

On July 30th, we left Bellingham with 120 gallons of fresh water, 80 gallons of diesel, 7 boards, 2 kites, and 5 weeks to kill. Here's what that looked like.  And, if you like the photos, we also put together a little video of the trip

First Nights Anchorage

Prevost Island Anchorage

Copeland Islands

Rain in Von Donop Inlet

Rain in Von Donop Inlet

Stern Tied

Lingcod for dinner


Lingcod for dinner

Lingcod on the grill

Queen Charlotte Strait

Queen Charlotte Strait

Port Hardy

Port Hardy Public Dock

In the fog

Rhythm sailing in the fog

Sea Otter Cove

Bears on the beach in Sea Otter Cove

Trail To Lowrie Bay

Trail To Lowrie Bay

Anchored In San Josef Bay

San Josef Bay

Sea Stacks in San Josef Bay

San Josef Bay

Sea cave in San Josef Bay

Solander Island



Bunsby Islands

Nap Time

Napping off the coast of Vancouver Island

Queens Cove

Paddling in Queens Cove

Tahsis Inlet

Evening Outflow Winds

Sailing the Evening Outflow Winds in Tahsis Inlet

Fresh Crew


Dinner Time

Cooking dinner aboard Rhythm

Hesquiat Kite Session

Kiteboarding in Hesquiat Harbor

Rae Basin

Anchored in Rae Basin

Clayoquot Sound

Light wind in Clayoquot Sound

Vargas Island Surf

Vargas Island Surf

Leaving Tofino

Sailing out of Tofino