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Posted on Nov 29

The Kingdom of Tonga

Everywhere you look there are pigs, wild pigs and house pigs. There are so many adorable piglets, and every single one of them is terrified of humans. I think I know why. Pass by a home on Sunday afternoon and you're likely to see a pig roasting...

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Posted on Oct 07

American Samoa

Pacific Ocean Crossing

It wasn’t part of the plan, but a need for boat parts led us to American Samoa, a mere 250 mile detour. In Pago Pago, we could receive mail via the United States Postal Service at a reasonable cost, with a quick delivery time. I was looking...

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Posted on Sep 30


Pacific Ocean Crossing

Suwarrow, the name itself is calming. Mention that it’s an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific and you know you’ve found a slice of heaven.

Suwarrow is a National Park of the Cook Islands and is cared for by 2 seasonal park rangers. This year...

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Posted on Sep 15

The Society Islands-Part 2

French Polynesia

The Leeward Islands

John’s sister and her husband flew into Tahiti to join us on Rhythm for a week. After a few days in the Windward Islands, we decided it was time to explore some of the less-visited islands of The Societies, the Leeward Islands....

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Posted on Sep 01

The Society Islands-Part 1

French Polynesia

The Windward Islands

Tahiti is the most populated of French Polynesia's 118 islands, and it's probably the most well known.  French Polynesia's capital city, Papeete, is found there. Because Tahiti and its sister island, Moorea, are so well...