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Posted on May 26

The Marquesas-Part 2 (Bays of Nuku Hiva)



This place is magical! The entrance to the bay is through a narrow pass, along side steep cliffs. Once you're inside the anchorage is calm and protected from most wind and waves. We took a 5 hour (RT) hike along an ancient road of...

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Posted on May 19

The Marquesas - Part 1


It’s been 3 weeks since we dropped anchor in Taiohea Bay, Nuku Hiva on April 9th. Our time here has been one of transition; from being a 3 person to a 2 person crew, from the busyness of our preparations in Mexico to the ease of the South Pacific,...

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Posted on Apr 09

Notes from the Pacific Crossing

Pacific Ocean Crossing


A month at sea, that’s what it became. We departed La Paz Mexico on March 9th at 12pm and dropped anchor in Nuku Hiva on April 9th at 2am. Two days prior our friend, Andrea, arrived from New Orleans to accompany us on...

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Posted on Mar 04

Marina People


We have been "living" at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, Mexico for the past 2 months.  We aren't marina people though, hell we're barely sailors. I say that we're barely sailors because what we really are is adventurers.  We've rafted the...

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Posted on Feb 14

Trash Talk

John and I do our best to minimize consumption and waste.  At our home in Oregon, we recycle, we compost, and we repurpose. It's pretty easy.  But when you live on a boat you become more aware of how much trash and recycling you create...