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San 20fran zkqo9h
Posted on Dec 15

Long Stay Visa for French Polynesia-Part 1

Warning! Unless you have an interest in acquiring a Long Stay Visa (LSV) for French Polynesia, this will prove to be the most boring blog post you will ever read. And if you are interested, get ready, cuz the process is a bumpy ride, but it's well...

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Posted on May 28


People say, “cruising is fixing your boat in exotic places”. 

 Whether your boat is new, or as old as Rhythm (1979), this statement is true. Being aware of this is a good place to start, but having a handy crew member is a must! And I...

She 27s 20out whkqb8
Posted on May 14

Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 1)

Boat Stuff and Mexico

The boating world has its own language. Taking a boat out of the water is called 'hauling out', putting the boat on jack stands in a parking lot is considered putting it 'on the hard', and storing your boat on land instead of in the water is...

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Posted on Apr 14

Living the Simple Life

Living aboard a cruising sailboat is simple, but it’s not easy. Its "simple" because our solar panels provide the power for our electronics and lights, the power of the wind moves the boat (at least most of the time), we eat simple meals, we don’t...

Jen 20la 20paz ojhro7
Posted on Mar 10

La Paused

I recently overheard some sailors talking about getting "La Paused".  It didn't take me long to understand the reference.  They were talking about the phenomena of how people 'stall out' in La Paz...sometimes for a very long time....