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Posted on Oct 07

American Samoa

Pacific Ocean Crossing

It wasn’t part of the plan, but a need for boat parts led us to American Samoa, a mere 250 mile detour. In Pago Pago, we could receive mail via the United States Postal Service at a reasonable cost, with a quick delivery time. I was looking...

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Posted on Sep 30


Pacific Ocean Crossing

Suwarrow, the name itself is calming. Mention that it’s an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific and you know you’ve found a slice of heaven.

Suwarrow is a National Park of the Cook Islands and is cared for by 2 seasonal park rangers. This year...

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Posted on Apr 09

Notes from the Pacific Crossing

Pacific Ocean Crossing


A month at sea, that’s what it became. We departed La Paz, Mexico on March 9 at 12pm and dropped anchor in Nuku Hiva on April 9 at 2am. Two days before we left Mexico, our friend, Andrea, arrived from New Orleans to...