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Posted on Mar 04

Marina People


We have been "living" at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, Mexico for the past 2 months.  We aren't marina people though, hell we're barely sailors. I say that we're barely sailors because what we really are is adventurers.  We've rafted the...

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Posted on Jan 05

Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 2)


We returned to San Carlos, to Rhythm, in early December.  We were delayed returning because we were waiting for our French Polynesian Visa and our passports. So to speed the boat launching process, we contacted the dry storage facility and...

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Posted on May 14

Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 1)

Boat Stuff and Mexico

The boating world has its own language for certain. Taking the boat out of the water is 'hauling out', putting the boat on jack stands in a parking lot is considered 'on the hard', and storing your boat on land instead in the water is called 'dry...