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Posted on Apr 09

Notes from the Pacific Crossing

Pacific Ocean Crossing


A month at sea, that’s what it became. We departed La Paz, Mexico on March 9 at 12pm and dropped anchor in Nuku Hiva on April 9 at 2am. Two days before we left Mexico, our friend, Andrea, arrived from New Orleans to...

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Posted on Mar 04

Marina People


We have been "living" at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, Mexico for the past 2 months.  We aren't marina people, though.  Hell, we're barely sailors. I say that we're barely sailors because what we really are is adventurers.  We've...

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Posted on Feb 14

Trash Talk

John and I do our best to minimize consumption and waste.  At our home in Oregon, we recycle, we compost, and we repurpose. It's pretty easy.  But when you live on a boat, you become more aware of how much trash and recycling you create...

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Posted on Jan 05

Haul Out, Dry Storage, On the Hard (part 2)


We returned to San Carlos, to Rhythm, in early December.  We were delayed returning because we were waiting for our French Polynesian Visa and our passports. So to speed the boat launching process, we contacted the dry storage facility and...

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Posted on Dec 15

Long Stay Visa for French Polynesia-Part 1

Warning! Unless you have an interest in acquiring a Long Stay Visa (LSV) for French Polynesia, this will prove to be the most boring blog post you will ever read. And if you are interested, get ready, cuz the process is a bumpy ride, but it's well...